The main objects of my art practice are interpersonal relations, as well as evolutionary processes which occur in the public consciousness and the collective unconscious.

The topic that interests me currently as an artist is the voluntary lack of freedom of a person, opportunism. I study conformism based on the subject of the most widespread type of social relations - coexistence in the office, also taking into account, among other things, my own twenty-year working experience in "open space" environment.

Considering the office as a place of total control, forced dormitory, imitation of activity, exclusion, fear of dismissal, I find parallels with Kabakov's artworks on communal apartment. And if a communal apartment could be considered as a metaphor for Soviet life, then the office space – as a metaphor for capitalist life. The ideology of the communal life of socialism was replaced by the ideology of the office life of capitalism.

In my works I use both found objects and various media to create installations - this is video art, sculpture, and 2D works in mixed media.

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