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"Pravda" is one of the words in Russian culture that cannot be translated into other languages. The word-lacuna.
"Pravda" is one of the words in Russian culture that cannot be translated into other languages . The word-lacuna.
"Pravda" in contrast to the truth, which relates to objective reality, always correlates with the person's character, it tells what is important for him, what substantiates or changes his inner world.
To reconstruct the truth about one's family is, among other things, to fill in those gaps, "blank spots", or lacunas, the presence of which in the history of our country was largely covered up because that either information was hidden, or it wasn't allowed to be disclosed, or it was distorted by propaganda, or spectators no longer exist. Such "truth-seeking" inevitably runs into the subjective interpretation due to the fact that moral categories, worldview, concepts of spirituality and justice differ among people, and such personal "pravda" turns out to be decentralised from the objective truth. But is this decentralisation really important in finding your own way of reconciling history?

The project uses photographs from the family archive, the archive of Memorial (, diaries, periodicals of 1937-1964.

group exhibition at VINZAVOD, 2020
«И вот с этой правдой приходиться жить»
Светлана Самойлова о проекте «Лакуна».

«Этот проект — попытка найти примирение со своей историей, найти себя через историю своей семьи, через воссоздание правдивой личной истории. Но это может не соответствовать объективной истине. Наверное, проект об этом»

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