Video - 2:24
camera - Anna Shepilova, editing - Elena Shirinskaya, actors - Maya Gambarova, Ekaterina Sherko, Tatyana Shuravina

Why people, having similar senses, perceive the reality differently - for example, a child sees the world not like an adult, a physicist - not like an artist, and a megapolis inhabitant - not like a person from the Indian heartland? What or who has ultimately the greatest impact on personality shaping?

In the perception of the world, the determining role is assigned to the psychology, which is being formed and evolved, relying on the development of culture, within which a person cognises the world. The guide to the cultural environment for the child is, as a rule, an adult, and adults from the immediate environment have the greatest influence, sharing their experience in the process of everyday routine communication.

The process of hair braiding as a variant of such intimate communication and as one of the visual symbols for conveying the cultural environment, experience, and views on the surrounding world from generation to generation.

Meanwhile, the hair braiding also acquires a metaphysical meaning - as a symbol of the unification of the present, past and future, and here there is a direct allusion with moiras - three sisters from ancient Greek mythology who spin the thread of human destiny.

"In Search of Beginning"
Exhibition at Media-center Zaryadye, Moscow (parallel program of COSMOSCOW artfair 2019)
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