wood, acrylic
Illusions of own significance and exclusivity, own almighty and unicity – very often these the main reasons prompting a person either to change its life radically, or to start something new, or to destroy the past completely.

Illusions control the actions of many people and artists are no exception. The lookout for itself as being an artist, its place in this world, a way of self-expression, often occurs under the influence of illusions and false confidence in one's own exclusiveness.

On the way of getting rid of its own illusions, the artist at the same time faces the necessity to answer eternal questions - what is art in the modern world and what is the role of the artist in it? And whether the art the man can see at exhibitions, in museums, in galleries, are the illusions of true creativity, capable to mislead many of us?
object "Klios"
(brush, engine 3V, Duracell batteries)

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