The Choice
sculptures in mixed media

The tendency of displacing the concept of death from the collective consciousness, inherent in modern society, devalues the concept of human life's value. The abundance of death scenes, as well as reproduction and multiplication of this image in mass media leads to the fact that it becomes "conditional", as you just have to turn off TV or close the web page in order to get it out of the eyes or out of the memory. Therefore, confrontation with real death often causes emotional blockage, fear, consternation.

In this work the form of the urn is multiplied - the objects of the same shape, made from inappropriate materials, are displayed on the shelves. The image represents the apotheosis of the absurdity of generally accepted ritual actions. An imposed choice of ritual objects, including urns, is meaningless for a person who is faced with the grief. Such a choice will not change the bereavement and in this case will not make a difference.

The wall here acts also as an opportunity to reflect on another choice: whether to remain in fear opposite the wall or to move on, accepting a loss, realising own's mortality and the meaninglessness of thinking about it.

"Focal Points"
exhibition at Na Peschannoy Gallery, Moscow (parallel program of 8th International Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), 2019
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